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Xceptional vision and Xtraordinary therapies to outsmart cancer, transform lives

We're on it.

CytomX is a different kind of clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company—intent on revolutionizing the way we treat cancer. Our distinctive Probody® therapeutics are progressing through the clinic with the promise of unlocking the full potential of more potent, less toxic anti-cancer medications. Our ultimate goal is to bring more life-changing treatment options to more patients.

Diverse clinical-stage pipeline

With four Probody programs in the clinic, our aim is to transform cancer treatment and patients’ lives.

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Xceptional people wanted

We’re building something special—and are looking for passionate individuals who want to make a meaningful difference in lives and the world. Do you have the CytomX Factor?

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A smarter approach to treating cancer

Our Probody therapeutics are designed to selectively bind to cancer cells—helping spare the patient from unwanted side effects.

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Parental antibody
Substrate linker Links mask to antibody; stable in vivo in circulation, but cleaved by tumor-specific proteases
Masking peptide Blocks antigen binding until released when substrate is cleaved, producing a fully active antibody
Proteases Dysregulated activity of specific proteases in diseased tissue cleaves substrate to enable Probody therapeutic binding

"Our work is very meaningful here because we have a direct way of impacting the quality of life for our patients."

—Brandon Lam