Probody™ therapeutics are designed to bind selectively to tumors, and not to healthy tissue, to minimize toxicity and create safer, more effective cancer therapies.

Traditional antibodies bind to unique antigens that exist in abundance on diseased tissue. However, many of these antigen targets also are found on healthy tissue. This is a critical challenge for today’s highly potent next-generation antibody therapies, including immunotherapy combinations, antibody drug conjugates, T-cell engaging bispecific antibodies and CAR-NK cell therapies.

Diseased Tissue

Healthy Tissue

A Probody therapeutic solves this problem by binding only to diseased tissue. A masking peptide limits binding to healthy tissue, thereby minimizing toxicities.

The improved target selectivity of our Probody therapeutics allows us to open a therapeutic window for previously inaccessible targets, and to expand the therapeutic index of existing, validated targets. With this, we are transforming the landscape for therapeutic antibodies.