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Information on Fraudulent Job Offers: CytomX is aware that some job seekers have received false employment offers or recruitment emails from individuals or organizations posing as CytomX. The individuals or organizations sending these false employment offers may send requests seeking to gain personal information, items of value or monetary funds under the premise that doing so is required to further the recruitment process.

CytomX never requests passport details, financial information, items of value or money from job seekers for any reason as part of the recruitment process. Individuals who receive an offer of employment from CytomX are always required to go through a formal recruitment process, which includes an interview with a member of CytomX’s Human Resources recruitment team and the hiring manager.

Legitimate email communications from CytomX will also only use emails that end in “” or “” from our core recruitment team. Fraudulent emails claiming to be sent by CytomX or CytomX employees may come from similar sounding emails with endings like “” or “” or even emails ending in common public domain addresses with endings like “,” “” or “” There can also be instances of fraudulent communications that use the names and pictures of known company employees claiming to be sent from those employees, or that even link out to fake websites that were created to look and feel like the real company website.

We are taking the steps to investigate these fraudulent communications. If you feel that you have been a potential victim of an employment application scam, please contact the Internet Crimes Complaint Center at The Internet Crimes Complaint Center is an FBI entity that aggregates criminal events in order to analyze and prosecute numerous related scams.

Please review our Applicant Personal Information Processing Notice to understand what types of personal information we collect from job applicants and why we process such information.